WIFI Sales and Support

Aspen Wireless is a leader in providing custom WIFI solutions for many municipalities, business and venue customers. We take pride in only offering the finest equipment available on the market. We are ready to quote your project out and ensure you the best prices on the market

Network Design and Provisioning Services

    Aspen Wireless possesses a robust portfolio of the latest RF propagation tools to help us assist customers in making informed decisions on where to place Access Points (APs). Aspen is familiar with all aspects of WIFI deployments in all scenarios including outdoor WIFI, businesses, venues, parks and virtually anywhere else where WIFI is needed

Turn Key Solutions

    Upgrading an existing legacy network can be challenging when users expect seamless performance every day. Aspen Wireless is very knowledgeable about how to make your WIFI transition happen with little or no downtime. We have worked with many of the top vendors and distributors and can make your goals a reality

Vendor and Manufacturer Relations and Support

    We have worked many of the biggest names in the business, so we know how to get things done. We will leverage our extensive network of contacts to get you the answers you need and the support you must have for your WIFI project

TechnicalĀ Support and Managed Services

    At Aspen Wireless, we support our networks and customers from our Network Operations Center (NOC). We don’t just install your WIFI system, we make sure it is running properly and secure

Major Deployments

Downtown Detroit, MI
Aspen, CO
Hamilton Crown Plaza Washington, DC
Downtown Traverse City, MI

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