Distributed Antenna Systems and Small Cell

Aspen Wireless is an industry leader in all aspects of DAS and system deployment. Our knowledgeable and experienced team has been involved in some of the most challenging DAS deployments in the country. Aspen Wireless is Proficient in many different types of systems including but not limited to:


Making a Business Case

Aspen Wireless can identify locations where DAS deployment can be mutually beneficial for both the wireless carriers as well as the property owner and/or municipality. We specialize in bringing together interested parties for the purpose of synergism on a DAS implementation strategy.


RF Engineering and Site Planning

Aspen will work with interested parties to design a carrier grade DAS implementation custom tailored to the premise. We work with the top equipment manufacturers, architects and other vital resources to engineer a solution that achieves the goal of dramatically improving connectivity.


Carrier Relationships

When Aspen Wireless and the customer determine a DAS opportunity, we can facilitate a partnership between the carriers and the property owner. We will help the carriers understand the opportunities at hand and work towards making a plan that can be executed.


Where Does DAS Make Sense?

Colleges and Higher Learning
Highly Populated Urban Areas
High End Housing Developments
Hotels, Convention and Expo Centers
Venues, including stadiums
Resorts and Vacation Towns
Medical Buildings and Hospitals
Theme Parks and Other Attractions

Solving DAS Challenges and Enabling Better Communications

Construction Management

Aspen is a full service construction company and will be present from start to finish on all DAS projects. We will work with our in house team and subcontractors to deliver a complete package of services to the project.

Carrier Hub Sites

Aspen Wireless’s site acquisition specialists will work with property owners to determine a centralized location for carriers to locate core equipment.


Cabling and Fiber Optic Construction

DAS systems require a large amount of fiber optic cabling as well as coaxial expertise. We will work with local governments to obtain the proper permits for this type of specialized construction. Aspen Wireless is an expert in all types of cabling and cable management systems. We are a one stop shop for all cabling needs.


Electrical Construction

Our licensed electricians and contractor services are capable of indoor and outdoor construction services. We can also engineer sites with complete battery backup and generator options upon request.


Carrier Node Construction

Aspen Wireless has extensive experience with constructing carrier nodes that provide 99.999% or better uptime availability

Carrier Neutral DAS Solutions

iDAS (Indoor DAS)
oDAS (Outdoor DAS)
HetNets (Heterogeneous Networks)
Small Cell
Backhaul Solutions

Turn Key Solutions

Vendor Selection
Project Financing
Construction Management
Post Build Support

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