Aspen Wireless Mission Statement

Provide immense value to our clients through our unique methodologies and broad range of expertise. Utilize our strengths of knowledge and insight to use technology to create true solutions. Approach business with integrity, be responsive to our clients needs and provide superior support as a partner in business.


Company Overview

For a decade our company has focused on making broadband work as a consulting firm specializing in all things broadband. The founders of Aspen Wireless have been featured on the cover of the Wall Street Journal, founded the Nation’s first National Broadband network, successful muni wireless networks, assisted in various Homeland Security deployments and served on the Obama Campaign Tech Policy Committee. Aspen Wireless Technologies has provided a wide range of services over the last decade for clients from business to technology and all areas in-between. Our pride comes from knowing that our deep knowledge and experience in the industry provides our clients long-term success and satisfaction with our services. Our firm has worked with hundreds of broadband providers over the past decade, in addition to having been operators ourselves. No matter the business model, technology or regulation we are absolutely committed to success in meeting our client’s needs. Our deep knowledge coupled with our experience with a wide range of broadband transport and applications provides you a significant edge. Whether you are providing ‘Megabits to the Masses’ or require kilobits of mission-critical data reach its destination, we will provide successful and proven consulting services guaranteed to springboard success in your initiative.


Press Coverage

Wall Street Journal San Jose Mercury News Detroit News and Free Press Wired Magazine USA Today NPR TechTV

Speaking Engagements

WCA PFF Aspen Summit FCC Rural WISP Showcase Broadband World Datacenter Dynamics Internet Telephony (TMC) WISPCON 4G World Tech Policy Summit

Memberships and Associations

Wireless Communications Association International (WCAI) Technology Policy Institute (TPI) Progress and Freedom Foundation (PFF) Open Source Digital Voting Foundation (OSDV) Oregon Entrepreneurs Network (OEN) Gorge Technology Alliance (GTA) Part (P15) Software Association of Oregon (SAO) Citizens Utility Board of Oregon (CUB) Mt. Hood Cable Regulatory Commission (MHCRC) Oregon Telecommunications Coordinating Council (ORTCC)

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